Mr. Books

I wish I had a glossary so I could look back and reference every time I’ve wrote about you.  All the sweet little memories.  I think you’re a good one.  In fact I know you’re a good one.  

John told me today he needed to wait to have sex with someone until he was in  a relationship, I admired that so much. 

Even if him and I don’t end up together, I know my time spent with him was all exactly how it was supposed to be.  

He doesn’t know it yet, but he’s helped me so much, reminded me of things I had once forgotten.  He has shown me that there are men in this world who want a women for more than their body, for more than sex.  

He has shown me that there are men in this world who want love.

He doesn’t settle

And I won’t settle either.  

For you

My heart feel at ease.  My heart feels at peace.  I’m gunna do things right this time.  

The memories & the meaning behind this song.  It will forever hold a special place in my heart.  

To My Mother

I feel blessed today for I have a roof over my head, I have food in my belly, I am living goddamnit.  I am alive.  My mother she inspires me so much.  That woman has so much stamina, so much energy, and it’s always such good energy.  she’s a go getter, a fighter, she’s strong, and independent, but what I love most about her is her smile.  It has a way of warming every fiber of my being.  When she laughs it’s real and gut wrenching, and it’s real , it’s so real. She laughs more than anyone I know, and sometimes I wonder how.  How in life she could face so many hardships with out letting her heart grow hard. I admire her so much.  She doesn’t care about money, or material things, she cares about things that really matter. She cares about, happiness, about love, her family, and her friends.  She lives a fulfilling life, and I know she does so with God.  I listen to her talk, and she talks sooo much.  Every morning when I wake up she’s talking, every night when I go to bed she’s talking, and I’m there just listening most of the time.  She just always has so much to say, so much to share.  But it’s in these moments that I learn so much from her, learn so much of who she is.  I’ve never met someone with so much faith.  She believes whatever is to come may.  She believes God will take car of it all, she’s way to calm sometimes it stresses me out, yet, in the end I’ve realized she’s right if we open our hearts and our minds and allow God to guide us he will.   He’s taken care of her.  He’s blessed her so much. He’s blessed her with the most wonderful man, someone who loves and adores her, a kind man, a good, man, he’s a rare breed, and he’s hers.  I’ve watched her blossom and grow over the years, I’ve learned what to do and what not to do, and this time she’s got it right.  

I love you moma

xoxo Always your little girl

Queen of Sheba